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Excess Recycler is one of the leading and premier recycler of computers and electronics, IT solutions provider in India. We buy and sell old, used IT equipments for eg. Servers, Notebooks, Desktops, Storage devices, Network equipments. Furthermore we also buy/sell/rent and lease SUN,IBM, HP, DELL. We have inhouse team of experts in each product line and services and they take time to guarantee that our products are reliable. Our fastest delivery (Unchanging-date besides overnight deliveries) reliability, 24/7 Customer Support makes us best in our industry. We guarantee cent-percent customer satisfaction, the more you are satisfied, the more happy we will be. We support both the business world and IT markets, helping everyone from legal firms, governmental organizations and so many other different sectors to dispose off their junk or trashed PC's, Servers and Networks. What are you waiting for ? Retail your excess stock to Excess Recycler also receive capital for your excess stockpile, Swift!


Ease and Flexibility:

From Data destruction services to Data recovery, from E-waste recycling to liquidation services or let it be buying and selling of old or used IT assets and equipments. We offer flexibility and ease to our customers. Suppose you want our Data Recovery services, then after completing the process, you will be able to choose how you want your data back, it may be hard disk or pen drive or any type of media device. You chose us, so you choose how you want things get done its that simple, no more blabbering!


We follow end to end process!

Data Destruction:

In today’s world of technology information is exchanged online at the speed of light, so its important for the companies to have a trusted data destruction service provider to prevent the highly confidential information from getting into wrong hands. Excess Recycler offers data destruction, data wipe, data degaussing, Excess Recycler also offers physical destruction, software overwrite, Demagnetizing Magnetic Media  services.
Our data destruction includes the following elements:

  1. Electronic Media Shredding—On Site and Off-Site
  2. Degaussing—Onsite and Off-Site
  3. Classified Data Destruction

E- Waste Recycling:
Your intention to dispose off your unused IT assets or retired electronics in most eco friendly way and in responsible manner, you need a proven expert to ensure your e- waste end up. We the Excess Recycler team believes that our beautiful environment shouldn’t be tempered with any type of e-waste it should be green, so we are providing IT equipment recycling services. Excess Recycler refurbishes old used IT equipments, disposal, re-deployment services.

Want to Quit Your Business? Excess Recycler Can Help You Get Top Dollar for Your inventory!
Expert Liquidators:
Excess Recycler is global excess inventory liquidator providing distributors, Retailers, Corporates Accounts and Banks with bulk liquidation alternatives for disposing different types of surplus inventory. We are the wholesale liquidators, Excess Recycler offers excess inventory liquidation, on site liquidation services, surplus inventory liquidation services, close out liquidation, stock liquidation, inventory auctions liquidation services.


Data Recovery:
We understand It happens that you were working on some damn important thing, suddenly your data media got damaged. Excess Recycler has been offering professional data recovery services, our experts are always there to serve Raid Data recovery, hard drive recovery, solid state data recovery services and literally our team has got pixel level perfection.


Our Mission

To Improve the security of our Customer’s Data by promoting appropriate, Responsible and Secure IT Asset Recycling, Destruction and of course environment.

We Put “YOU” first!

Since Excess Recycler’s inception (serving since 10 years) the only reason we believe that we are surviving because of our habit of “Put the customer first”. Team Excess Recycler is always there to assist its loyal customers to make decisions, to choose the best suitable product for them at sensible rates.

We believe in making long term relations with our customers thus as soon as you opt Excess Recycler and becomes our loyal customer we will fall in love with you. Our 24/7 customer support will always be there, our team will always suggest you the best IT materials for your business. Hence we assure you complete customer satisfaction. Kudos!!

Our technical and sales team are certified professionals. If you have any query regarding inventory liquidation, assets disposal or excess equipments/assets just give us a call at 091-987-888-2000 or drop us a mail at sales@Maxicom.us anytime!

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